My service goes well beyond that of a typical DJ who turns up, plays a few songs and goes home.

Every wedding is unique, and I’ll work with you to create personalised entertainment.

Music doesn’t have to be for just the evening. My All Day service ensures you have a soundtrack of music running throughout your day right from your ceremony.

And my hosting skills can add an extra element to the day leaving your guests saying ‘that was the best wedding ever’.


Who is responsible for the flow of the wedding?  If you’ve been to a wedding where there were long gaps, and key elements (such as the cake cutting) taking place without anyone knowing, it was because no one was in charge.  Acting as your host, I’ll ensure all your guests know what is happening at every step of the day, building up excitement and emotion at the right times.

And I offer much more than just making announcements. I also bring memorable spotlight moments to the day, involving your friends and family, so they all feel part of your day, and not just a guest at the table.

Once your guests are seated, it’s traditional for you to make you entrance in to the room last.  Without the right introduction, this can be awkward, as half of your guests will start clapping – the other half not quite sure what is happening.  When I introduce you in to the room, I’ll ensure everyone is ready to welcome you to applause and cheers!

And the Grand Entrance can include all of the bridal party and parents, so that they get introduced to your guests.  Whilst your guests know who you are, they may not know who each member of the bridal party is, so my introduction gives a background to each person and their connection with you.

And I can really get the party vibe going by playing a piece of music for each person as they come in.

This interaction is best described as a ‘living guestbook’.   I’ll leave small cards at each table place before the wedding breakfast.  Each one has a question on it, such as ‘Never give each other advice about…”.  Your guests complete this, and at an appropriate time, I’ll read a selection out.  There’s often a good selection of witty, risqué and sincere answers.  Plus, you’ll get all the cards to read and keep after your wedding.

I’ll add some additional drama and excitement to the speeches, with the Wedding Lottery.  I’ll invite each guest to guess the total length of the speeches.  The guest with the closest time on each table wins!  It’s a great ice breaker for your wedding table, to get the table talking to each other when they may not know who everyone is around the table.

The above is just a sample of ideas.  The ‘spotlight moments’ I can provide for your wedding are based on your time line and personalities, all designed to help enhance the flow of the day.

Ceremony Music

What music will you be walking down the aisle to?  Will you be relying on the cheap venue hi-fi, leaving a family member in charge of pushing play?  What happens if they stop the song abruptly before you’ve reached the end of the aisle?  Or worse, play the wrong track?

Take the risk and stress away and let me expertly fade in and out the right tracks during your wedding ceremony on a high-quality sound system.   Not only will I look after your processional track, but I’ll also play background music as your guests arrive, music whilst you sign the register and your recessional song, as you exit your ceremony as a newly married couple!

Drinks Reception Music

The period between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast can be a very busy time for you as the newly married couple.  There’s the photos to take (some of which you may go off together to take with the photographer), and a chance to quickly say hello to all your guests.

But for guests, there can be a lot of standing around.  I can help set the atmosphere with a playlist of background music, that can either be hand selected by you, or you can use one of the playlists that I have created.

Wedding Breakfast Music

Let me create the perfect atmosphere to your wedding breakfast with background music.

You can personalise the music with your own themed playlist or use my expertise to hand pick a selection of music that will fit your wedding style perfectly. 

Whether it’s a Disney soundtrack, classic Crooners or up-beat music to bring a party vibe, the music will be played on a high-quality sound system at the right volume, so that guests can still easily talk to each other.

I’ll also provide a wireless microphone for the speeches so that your guests can hear every word.

Evening Wedding DJ

Are you worried no one will dance during your evening reception or the DJ will play the wrong music?

I don’t just turn up, play some music, and hope your guests will dance!  By understanding the music that connects you and your guests in advance of the evening, you can be sure I’ll play the songs you love dancing to.  My online planner gives you and your guests as much control as you want over the music played – you can even provide a ‘Do Not Play’ list of songs that you don’t want played!

Plus, my interaction during the evening is designed to bring your guests to the dancefloor with more of my spotlight moments.

As your guests make their way to the evening reception, I’ll give them cards to complete where they can guess what the first dance is.  It’s a chance for me to greet your new evening guests who are just arriving at your reception party, so that they feel welcome and can quickly get in to the vibe of your wedding.

You know the fun props you get at a photo booth?  Imagine a great big box full of these on the dancefloor, that opens up at a pre-determined time.  Your guests can sing and dance with inflatable microphones and guitars, dress up in hats and wigs and have fun with a wide variety of props.  Your guests will love taking photos, and best of all, the props can be used all evening on the dancefloor – and even taken home by guests, as a memento of your fun wedding they attended!

Before the buffet comes out, I get your guests to have a sing off – Girls v Boys.  It’s a great way to get everyone on to the dancefloor, meaning they are ready to hit the dancefloor after the buffet, and enables the staff to bring out the buffet discretely whilst your guests are on the dancefloor singing, ready for them to tuck in to after the song finished.

This is a fun way for your guests to find out how well you know each other!  Surrounded by your guests, I’ll ask you each a series of questions, which you answer whilst not being able to see each other.  Your guests will let you know when you agree with each other by cheering you!  It’s ideal for after the evening buffet to bring the focus back to the dancefloor, ready to get dancing with your guests.

I won’t let your day fizzle out.  I’ll bring your evening to an end on a high, surrounded by friends and family for one last song.  I can either co-ordinate your guests to dance in a big circle, holding hands, or, if you need to make a quick getaway, create an archway ‘tunnel of love’ of your guests for you to run through as you say goodbye to everyone!  Whichever way we end the evening, it’ll be memorable for everyone!

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I’ll expertly fade in and out your processional song, along with all the other songs played during your ceremony.

Drinks Reception

I’ll set the atmosphere during your drinks reception and group photos with a hand picked selection of songs.

Wedding Breakfast

Swap a background noise of knives and forks scrapping on plates for a personalised playlist of music.

Evening Party

During the evening reception party I’ll play all of the floor fillers, and none of the songs you don’t want to hear!


My interaction and spotlight moments ensure that your day has the right flow, is fun and memorable.